my summer reading list

So it's nearly the start of summer, and I've nearly finished compiling my summer reading list. Maybe I should stop adding stuff to it b/c it's starting to look a bit daunting. There are only 14 weeks in summer, and I have 20 books on this list. I am not a fast reader. To be fair though, I've actually already finished Ruin, and I'm halfway through The Glimmering Room, Sex Talks to Girls, and Emergency in Slow Motion.

Since I'm still struggling with pain issues, and thus with making it to / through actual readings, I figured I would make up the difference by doing the reading myself. I would like to support my local poetry peeps and go to All The Readings Everywhere. But it is, for the indefinite future, literally agonizing to sit still for that long.

I used to be able to take pain pills to get through it but a) the weaker ones don't work and b) I kinda don't want to rely on the stronger ones b/c that's a slippery slope. So it has been since the beginning of April.

Thusly, I apologize if I missed your reading. And if I made it to your reading, it's because my pain was giving me the day off, or I took something stronger, or I just love you better. <-- Kidding.

Here's the list. These books are amazing and beautiful, or wondrous and ugly, or informative and terrifying… in any case you should check 'em out if you haven't already.

Hourglass Museum - Kelly Russell Agodon
Andalucia - Lisa Marie Basile
Hello, the Roses - Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Girl Show - Kristy Bowen
Nox - Ann Carson
Ruin - Cynthia Cruz
The Glimmering Room - Cynthia Cruz
Doll Studies: Forensics - Carol Guess
[Skinny] - Carolyn Hembree
Dear Lil Wayne - Lauren Ireland
In the Surgical Theatre - Dana Levin
Lamb - Frannie Lindsay
Nevers - Megan Martin
Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting - Kevin Powers
The Clerk's Tale - Spencer Reece
An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus - William Todd Schultz
Sex Talks to Girls - Maureen Seaton
The Amputee's Guide to Sex - Jillian Weise
Post-Pardon - Arisa White
Hospitalogy - David Wolach